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Termite Control Services

Termite Control Services

Fix your Termite Problem now with KS Pest Control


The company is engaged in the provision of highly efficient Termite Control Services. Some indications that you may have a termite infestation include :

  • A temporary swarm of winged insects in your home or from the soil around your home
  • Any cracked or bubbling paint or frass (termite droppings)
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped
  • Mud tubes on exterior walls, wooden beams, or in crawl spaces
  • Discarded wings from swarmers

These services are designed in order to relieve you from all the hassles you may be bearing due to hollow and decaying furniture, apart from the losses incurred. Our professionals go about the provision of Termite Control Services through the use of the best repellants and equipment. Also, these Termite Control Services are competitively priced.


Termites, often mistakenly called “white ants,” are known for their destructive effects on wood structures and construction.  Through technical and exclusive global alliances with R&D companies, IGAPC has developed an integrated Termite control service to suit your specific needs.

  • Exclusive users of state-of-the-art detection technology called Termatrac
  • Locates termites in woodwork, brick or masonry, without any damage to the structure!
  • Our new-generation chemicals are designed to control all termites.
  • Basic clean up after the job is also included in our service.
  • Pre-Construction and Post-Construction service against Subterranean (ground nesting) termites.
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