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Mosquitoes Control Services

Mosquitoes Control Services

Fix your Mosquitoes Problem now with KS Pest Control


Mosquitoes can make the life hell if they are not controlled. Mosquitoes are the cause of many epidemic diseases. To protect the human beings from these diseases, we provide reliable Mosquitoes Control Services. For Mosquitoes Control Services, we have expert professionals who use such methods which are not harmful to the human beings. Methods devised by us are highly effective against mosquitoes and their effect is instant. While providing the Mosquitoes Control Services, we take into consideration the budget of the clients and offer cost-effective service.


Insect : Adult : 6.4-12.7mm long, brown (Anopheles Spp.) thin, long-legged winged insect; adults have three pairs of long, slender legs, with an elongate \"beak\" or proboscis to pierce skin.

 Life Cycle
Aquatic life cycle consists of Egg, Larva Pupa and adult and takes 7-10 days. Adults emerge from pupa. Generally males live for 15 days and female lives for 30 days. While male mosquitoes feed on plant nectar, female mosquitoes require vertebrate blood for producing fertile eggs. During it’s life time, a female mosquito can lay up to 1000 eggs in 5-7 batches and 150 – 200 eggs in each batch. Eggs are laid singly. Mosquitoes mate only once in it’s lifetime

Notes : Anopheles breed in stagnant clear water accumulated in areas such as wells, fountains, curing water bodies in construction areas, overhead cemented water tanks, river bed pools, ponds, lakes etc. Adult females bite during night. These mosquitoes can transmit malaria. Anti-larval operations indoor residual sprays and regular fogging operations are to be done to control these mosquitoes.


The mosquito brings disease and death, creating havoc among unsuspecting victims by spreading malaria, cerebral malaria, brain fever, filariasis and dengue.

IGAPC has time and again accepted the challenge and succeeded in providing a mosquito-free environment through its scientific and integrated approach.

An integral aspect of all operations is the initiative and co-operation of local residents, and our employees through awareness programs such as the IGAPC initiated CIAM. Such mosquito control operations are undertaken in small industrial towns, townships, housing colonies, villages and major cities in different


Fogging Management

  • Mosquitoes are a menace period. Its bite is deadlier then the pain it inflicts. Fatal diseases like Malaria, Dengue & Brain Fever get transmitted by these tiny creatures. To prevent these, you need effective Mosquito Management. Fogging is considered as an important tool to manage the adult mosquitoes, which has the capability of spreading these diseases.
  • Managing adult Mosquitoes not only disturb the life cycle of mosquito by bringing down the population of those Mosquitoes which has the potential to multiply.
  • All chemicals used by us are manufactured by Bayer. List of chemicals used is attached herewith for your ready reference.
  • Our operator initially will carry out rodent control treatment in your premises to replenish the baits and to re-arrange the traps strategically.